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Current Projects

Pest Control The Metro Board is working with local residents and outside parties to review current pesticide and chemical application processes. The Board is currently exploring multiple alternative applications that are organic and safe for our neighborhood while also continuing to preserve the beauty of our community.


Trash Cans The Board has also approved purchasing additional trash cans for the Overlook and Clubhouse areas.


Take a sneak peek at our anticipated enhancements to the Yosemite Entrance!

Read about Heritage Hills Metropolitan District Water Wise Landscape Improvement Project

For irrigation emergencies, please call (720)371-8137.

For further information regarding water wise landscaping, please visit

For Heritage Hills HOA's Landscaping Policy, please review the Design Review Process.


Overlook Tree Project

The Board has approved planting several new trees around the Overlook area to enhance shade and privacy along the back near the soccer field.

Trees 1.jpg
Trees 3.jpg
Trees 2.jpg
Trees 4.jpg
Snow Removal

The Heritage Hills Metropolitan District takes snow removal seriously and every effort is taken to make sure that the roads are safe and passable without incurring excessive costs to the homeowners. Read more about how the District handles snow removal.

snow plow.jpg
Snow Removal
Street & Road Maintenance

The foundation of proper road care is routine maintenance, which keeps costs low and reduces the need for major rehabilitation projects down the line.

Learn more about our routine maintenance, special projects and street sweeping efforts in Heritage Hills.

Street Maintenance.jpg
Street & Road Maintenance
Water Management

Stormwater Quality

The District works with the City of Lone Tree and Mile High Drainage to ensure compliance with all applicable water quality regulations related to stormwater runoff and provide healthy and diverse natural habitats for flora and fauna in stormwater facilities throughout the community. Find out more ways you can contribute to healthy water management.

Helpful Links:

The City of Lone Tree Stormwater Management

Douglas County Stormwater

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

TriCounty Household Chemical Recycling and Disposal

Southgate Water and Sanitation Districts

Water Management
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